What Is A Ring Mold? Plus 8 Recipes To Stuff Into One

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Ring mold: not a disease, but a very important tool in every kitchen, from beginner to master. Ever wonder how fancy restaurants plate food in perfect circles? It's not hard. Also known as biscuit cutters, metal ring molds are a versatile and cost-effective way to bring a little class into the joint at about $5 a pop.

Ring molds are set down on a plate, often chilled to help keep the shape, packed tightly with a moldable food — traditionally tartare — and lifted, twisting slightly (sandcastle-style) to create a perfect circle for presentation. They're great for serving layered desserts composed of several elements, or simply stamping out circular portions from raw or baked pastry, gelatin, polenta, you name it. And they're not just for cutting and molding — drop one in a hot frying pan and crack the egg inside for a perfectly round fried egg to top your perfectly shaped entrée.

Check out these 8 recipes from steak tartare to vegan chard that all take beautifully to the ring mold for better presentation:

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