There Are 900 Varieties Of Avocado, But All Anybody Cares About Is The Haas

We were tipped to this great deep-dig on The Atlantic website detailing how 95% percent of the avocados consumed in the United States are Haas, even though there are roughly 900 (!!) different varieties grown. Avocados with names like Zutano, Bacon and Gillogly are available for use in all sorts of sandwiches and soups and pasta sauces and crème brûlée.

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According to the story, avocado consumption has jumped 200% over the past decade, which surpasses any other fruit. California is the country's largest grower, with the Haas season running from February through August. Avocados are also grown throughout the year in Florida, Mexico, Chile, the Dominican Republic and New Zealand, which saves us on the East Coast from having a shortage — and god forbid one happens during football season, Cinqo de Mayo, New Year's Eve or Forth Of July.

We all can agree that guacamole has entered the mainstream (check the movie). But are we coming to a point where chefs and home cooks will start to seek out the Reed — an oversized variety with a golden flesh and buttery finish?

As for the next big-time fruit to blow up? We're calling finger limes.

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