Help HandPicked Nation Tell The Important Stories Of Food Producers

HandPicked Nation seeks to bring awareness to the choices people make about what they eat. Co-founders Staci Strauss and Craig McCord launched the website in 2012, promoting the support of small, local farmers. The two have worked together as a creative team for over a decade, producing and directing several television commercials, music videos and short documentaries. Slow Films, the production arm of HandPicked Nation, is hoping to tell the stories of 13 real food producers in a series of short films.

The company is striving to relay the value of small food producers to an audience hungry for more information about "good, real" food. Individuals can contribute by visiting HandPicked Stories' Indiegogo page — incentives for increasing donations include a Zak Pelaccio signed cookbook and dinner for two at his new restaurant in Hudson, New York. Be sure to check out the company's video (above) for more about the campaign's mission.

Watch these videos on Food Republic: