On Design: Easter Bunnies Go For A Futuristic Ride

Easter comes this Sunday, and with it, the usual onslaught of gaudily wrapped, thoughtlessly designed chocolates.

Leave it to the French to put the standard bunny and Cadbury Creme Egg to shame. As part of its annual limited-edition collection of Easter treats, La Grande Epicerie Paris (Le Bon Marché's colossal retail space for gourmet foods) enlisted chocolatier Daniel Mercier to recast traditional Easter animals — a hen, a fish and a rabbit — through a more modern, geometric lens. The resulting chocolates, impressive shapes that look almost architectural, could practically double as tabletop design objects.

Each piece, handmade by Mercier himself with the aid of artfully constructed 3D molds, is available in limited-edition runs of 120 (35€ or about $45 each). Let's hope the Easter bunny goes hop-hop-hopping down this design path for years to come.

Each animal shape is available in dark and milk chocolate, in limited editions of 120.[/caption]
Time to rethink your usual Easter offerings. Even in their wrappers, Mercier's chocolates reflect a cool and modern aesthetic.[/caption]