New Recipes This Week: Roast Beef Hash, Homemade Matzo, French Onion Tart

Happy matzo ball season! Incidentally, it's also brisket season, homemade matzo season, potato kugel get the idea. We've been brushing up on our homestyle Jewish cuisine, tweaking just enough to delight our aunts and grandmas without freaking them out.
In French food news, onion soup isn't the only classic dish you can pull off with a pile of caramelized onions. Onion tart is like a quiche, only with far more onions. And until the tomatoes come out, we're happy to whip up a salad of crispy fried eggplant strips for our creamy burrata. No éclairs for us, thanks. We've got peanut butter-stuffed brownies on the way. Here are our new recipes this week.