How Much Fiber Is Lost In Juicing?

You bought a juicer, juiced some fruits and veggies and are well on your way to a healthier you. While you're packing way more vitamins and minerals into your body than before, there's just one thing missing: all those dry fiberous shreds left in the juicer are just that: fiber. And if it's there, it's not in you. What to do?

Eat and drink your fruits and veggies, friends. You may be getting 3000% of your Vitamin A in that carrot juice, but you're cutting out up to 90 percent of the fiber, depending on what's going in your juicer. For instance, oranges have about 3 grams of fiber each. That same amount of juice contains just 0.2 grams of fiber — all that good stuff gets left behind, and remember: you need about 25 grams of fiber a day to help you feel full and, uh...stay regular.

So while juicing is all well and good, don't just chug a Daily Detox and consider your daily nutrition needs met on the way to the burger place. A combination of drinking AND eating your fruits and vegetables will provide the pumped-up nutrients and fiber that work together to keep you in tip-top shape.

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