What's Dylan Ratigan Up To? Discovering Kale Heroes, For One.

If you're an MSNBC watcher, you've probably noticed the absence of former host Dylan Ratigan (who we interviewed last year). His new full-time gig: farming and sustainable food advocate. Inspired by a U.S. Army veteran-turned-farmer on one of his last shows in the summer of 2012, Ratigan has effectively left the building and switched gears to team with Whole Foods, focusing on America's food system. Here's an excerpt from his blog:

"Not to go all Joseph Campbell on you, but in order to heal ourselves I think we need to change some pieces of our national mythology. For instance, real men grow kale. And the truly heroic eat kale too. Blitz-era folks in the UK grew it in "victory gardens" because its nutrient density was a gift during times of heavy rationing. Thomas Jefferson grew it at Montecello. Kale is a low calorie, high fiber, protein-rich, zero fat gift from Mother Earth and its image needs an upgrade.

Enter my good friend, Marine combat vet and kale-growing farmer Colin Archipley (see video below)."

Ratigan works with veterans, creating jobs in the sustainable food sphere while raising awareness and discovering and implementing farming best practices. Sure beats talking at a camera if you ask us.

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