Spring Planning: A Tote Bag That Unfolds Into A Picnic Blanket

If there's one good angle to this lingering winter, it's knowing that the best of spring is still yet to come. Get yourself ready to make the most of impromptu picnics (in just about any condition) with this water-resistant blanket that unfolds from a tote bag in a single zip.

The blanket is the first in a series of picnic products from the San Francisco-based firm Yield Design Co. "Our lives are a constant push and pull attempting to balance work and play, so instead of only looking forward to the bigger, planned escapes, we decided to highlight the moments in between. For example, encouraging people to enjoy an afternoon at the park with as little planning as possible," explains Rachel Gant, who co-founded and currently operates the two-person company with her partner Andrew Deming.

The simple, unisex totes, constructed from camping-grade nylon cordura with leather trim detailing, unzip into three-by-four-foot ground coverings, while the original packaging can be repurposed as protective wine tubes — so you can appropriately ring in in the warmer season with a toast.

Yield Design Co.'s zip-up picnic blanket.[/caption]
Each bag unzips into a 3'x4' blanket.[/caption]
Deming and Gant also created their product's type logo and packaging, a canister that doubles as a protective wine tube.[/caption]

The Yield Picnic Totes are available online in a slate gray and poppy orange color ($56 each).