Elixr: An App To Log Every Craft Beer And Cocktail To Cross Your Lips

There are Android and iPhone apps to log basically every aspect of your life. Foodspotting charts the food you eat. Withings charts the pounds you gain. Foursquare logs all the stops in-between. And Instagram? Well, we're all pocket Terry Richardsons thanks to Instagram. Which really isn't logging anything but barista art and jealousy-baiting selfies. But to my knowledge, there hasn't been a really strong app dedicated to logging — and of course filtering and sharing — the craft beer and cocktails we're drinking night after night.

Enter the newly launched app Elixr — from Richmond, VA company Mobelux (also maker of a killer Instagram desktop app called Carousel). Founders Jeff Rock and Marc LaFountain, who came up with the idea appropriately in a bar, wanted to build a social network that would point people towards decent cocktail and craft beer bars. "I want to know, when I walk into a city, where the good cocktail bar is," Rock told The Next Web.

And true to the promise, users are pointed to so-called Elixr venues. Places where users have posted photos, as well as grades and descriptions, for cocktails, beers and particular bottles of booze. It's early days for the app (from our Midtown office we only found a dozen or so places to pick from). That said, with a lightning fast interface and a passionate community of drinkers looking to share round after round after round, we can see this catching on. Quickly.

But back to the "logging" aspect. This is where I see Elixr as most useful. It's my job to write about food and drink for a living, so the "discovering new bars" element is sort of not that important. And, ask yourself, do you really need to discover another bar today? Probably not. But how many times have you thought back about that great bourbon (or something) cocktail you ordered last weekend? Or that esoteric porter at the beer garden? With Elixr, you can keep track of each drink for future debate. That is pretty powerful.

First one to 100 gets a liver spot badge!

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