Hack Of The Day: Kale Salad Chips

Here's one of the easiest food hacks, ever, and unlike the grilled cheese in a toaster deal, it's healthy and won't potentially start any fires. I had leftover kale salad I didn't feel like eating in its fresh kale form, especially not after the amazing kale chips we knocked out at last week's Test Kitchen. Since there was already flavor on them in the form of a light orange juice–olive oil–rosemary dressing, I saw no reason why not to toss them on a baking sheet and stick them in a 350F oven for 15 minutes.

Behold, orange juice–olive oil–rosemary kale chips I didn't even plan to make! Some of the chips still had a few clinging crumbs of Roquefort (I ate the rest out of the salad bowl) which baked nicely onto them. I imagine this will only work with recently leftover kale salad. Any leaves that are oversaturated or a salad with dressing that's too heavy won't work and you'll just have soggy shreds of kale on a baking sheet.

Play around with the seasonings and make extra kale salad to turn into chips. A sesame-soy combo with chile flakes makes for good chips. Caesar, green goddess, ginger-miso...not so much.

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