Caption Contest Winners: Test Kitchen Sea Bass

Looks like everyone likes a good old-fashioned caption contest! We kind of already knew that, but the response to Monday's fishtastic Test Kitchen Instagram was kind of ridiculous! Ninety-six captions, and only one winner of a surprise editors' choice cookbook. Here are a few of the better ones:

  • domo_osso "Omg! Twinsieeeeees!"

  • bobbythewhale "Where'd you get this free tan coupon again?"

  • z_alhader One fish, two fish, dead fish, stew fish

  • nicksperanza I haf fumfin on mah lif...buh I can't see it.

  • karloevaristo Dad: son, you are adopted...

  • americamybeloved This is jacked up man ...I told you we should have played "chew the algae and see who passes out first" but nooooo you insisted we "surf the net "

  • ljrosey I don't know what a cooking show is, but I'm sooo excited they asked us to be in this episode! My acting career is really taking off!

  • justanothergringo "...and as if this wasn't already bad enough, I don't even like bouillabaisse."

  • pacobain If you look at this real quick it looks like a sasquatch staring at you... Not a caption, just an observation.

And the winner (by far, due overwhelmingly to randomness)...

fstaton007 Your Breath smells like Apricot Mango Bavarian Cream Smoothy with shaved Cinnamon Almond Apple pie Crumb topping! (Selfish) You Fowl!

So enjoy your cookbook, friend. And feel free to leave comments on any of our Instagrams in the future.