In Saigon, On The Back Of A Vespa With Bia And Broken Rice In Our Sights

In 2010 there were over 15,000 motorbike fatalities in Vietnam, which Edward Lee doesn't really want to talk about.

Suboi is a 23-year-old female rapper who flows in both Vietnamese and English. Think OutKast and Nicki Minaj for reference points. She was our guiding light for com tam and dubstep.

Stuart Brioza looking over various types of shellfish.

Beer hoi (translations: "gas beer") is a light and refreshing brew available throughout Vietnam. It's brewed daily as the demand dictates and never really has a name, label or story. It's there and you drink it. 

The com tam cart we sought out was located outside the Tan Dinh Market in District one.

Pork chops are cooked over live coals and brushed with fish sauce, sugar and lime.

Khai Duong and Brioza looking over the grilled pork.

Broken rice dishes are made with discarded rice grains that cannot be sold at market. Barbecued pork is the traditional meat of choice. 

Throughout Vietnam there's a culture of open-air food cookery, where exquisitely fresh ingredients are prepared simply and always to order.

How to eat a boiled fertilized duck egg.

Step 1. Order beer.

Step 2. Drink beer.

Step 3. The balut arrives.

Step 4. Crack into the balut and Instagram to your friends on the other side of the world.

Step 5. Add a mixture of chili and salt.

Step 6. Scoop and eat.

Step 7. Share with friends.