Ever Wonder How Many Calories Are Burned In One Mouse Click?

The key to a leaner figure may only be a click away. Well, maybe slightly more than that. Yahoo! Japan reports that the recently published Convert Anything To Calories calculates the number of calories burned through various human activities and events. The authors, PHP Science World, are even kind enough to determine the number of calories that should theoretically be burned in one click of the mouse.

So, just how much of a workout are you getting while typing at your computer in the office? Bear with us while we oversimplify things here for just a second. Based on the total volume of the muscles used to bend the index finger being 10.8 cubic centimeters with a total weight of 11.7 grams, the authors run a couple of calculations to reveal that a single mouse click should burn 1.42 calories. It should be noted that this figure assumes that the muscle contracts completely, so the actual amount of used calories is slightly lower.

There you have it. For those of you already regretting that fried chicken lunch, get busy: Relief is only a few hundred thousand clicks away. Or simply click once to burn off that tenth of a pistachio you snacked on for breakfast this morning.

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