Are You Ready For The First Cherry Tomatoes Of The Season?

We're in the Food Republic Test Kitchen today, in the industrial wilds of the Gowanus section of Brooklyn. What're we cooking? Well, meats, root vegetables, maybe some fish. Why? BECAUSE IT'S STILL WINTER! We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of some proper vegetables at our farmers markets, but it seems a long way off. Which is why we feel inclined to share the news that on the Isle Of Wight, across the pond, the Brits are harvesting delicious cherry tomatoes!

This morning, we received a nice note from the team at Wight Salads, who'd seen our 36 Ways To Use Canned Tomatoes post, and either out of pity or because they're gloating, told us that they have "picked the first cherry tomatoes for this year and they are sweeter than ever."

We asked for proof, and they sent the attached photo, a delicious-looking portent for spring. (Though it should be noted: it'd have been nice if they'd overnighted a vine or two for us to sample for ourselves.) They also related the news that the first cherry tomatoes are selling briskly at markets in the U.K, so take a look at the stockist list via The Tomato Stall, which imports the cherries from Isle of Wight, and pick yourselp up a vine if you're in those parts. And hey, maybe pick up an extra one and send it to us!

Put those cherry tomatoes to use with these Food Republic recipes: