New Recipes This Week: Okra Tacos, Barley Risotto, Duck à L'Orangina

This week, we lightened up, modernized and tweaked a few of our favorite applications, like tacos, classic French coq au vin and duck à l'orange, cheesy risotto and tacos. That means recipes like fried okra tacos, coq au vin on a stick and duck à la that semi-obscure European orange soda we all know and love. We swapped rice for barley in a hearty blue cheese-spiked spinach risotto and tried our very best to pronounce that cocktail recipe, but sadly nobody at Food Republic headquarters succeded. Maybe we should have tried before we started drinking.

Check out what we added to the Recipes section this week, and don't let the name of that cocktail stop you from enjoying a few this weekend. You deserve it.