Can Bananas Cure Over-Caffeination?

We've all experienced that terrible feeling of not being able to sit still in the office or being unable to fall asleep at night as a result of over-caffeination. That 4 p.m. cup o' Joe may have seemed like the right way to help you finish the day strong, but suddenly it's an hour later and you realize that the only thing you've been capable of doing is tap your foot to the beat of bad house music and go to the bathroom...twice. Could there be a simple solution to this problem?

Lifehacker [via Serious Eats] suggests that eating a banana could provide a remedy to over-caffeination. The hypothesis of using bananas as a solution is based on interviews with multiple baristas. The basic theory holds that the fruit's high levels of calcium and potassium combat the drying effect of caffeine that throws off the body's balance of electrolytes.

Seems pretty easy, right? And hey, if you find that the trick just doesn't cut it for you, at least you ate something healthy. As long as it wasn't in the form of a (ridiculously good) milkshake, that is.

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