Macallan And Oakley Hook Up With An Extreme Flask For Boozy Rock Climbing

This is the world's most indestructible hip flask, for those times that you need a stiff drink when dangling over the side of a helicopter. If you drop it? Who cares. The valuable liquid inside will survive. Hatched over a few drams at the sunglass company's design bunker, the marriage of Oakley and Macallan was consummated with the birth of The Flask. It will cost you $1,500.

More from the press release:

Made possible by the world's most advanced structural technologies, The Flask's striking armored body is designed to protect the investment that accompanies it: The Macallan's first-ever, single cask All American Oak Scotch Whisky. A mere 550 limited editions of The Flask with the accompanying 22 Years Old liquid are available for SRP $1,500, rendering this one unrivaled, iconic collectible.

To preserve taste and conserve the finely tuned The Macallan distillery process, The Flask has gone through extraordinarily exacting regimens and processes to ensure the exquisite taste of the single malt is maintained. The inner flask, laser welded and made of food grade steel is wrapped in carbon fibre composite as well as treated to an intensive passivation and electro-polishing procedure to ensure perfection. Clad in black anodized 5-axis machined aerospace grade aluminum, the sophisticated mechanics of The Flask are unparalleled.

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