8 Ideas For Dinner Tonight: Raw Fish

Just because you're eating light and healthy tonight doesn't mean you're confined to tofu and steamed vegetables. There's a far tastier way to get your lean protein in, and it just involves a trip to your local fish market or Asian grocery. We're talking sashimi, tartare, crudo, gravlax — all manners of raw fish recipes.

Heed our expert tips on buying and handling raw seafood and brush up on what separates the crudo from the sashimi (in case you're inviting a guest along). Here are our 8 favorite raw fish recipes.

  1. Curried Tuna Tartare
  2. Beet-Cured Gravlax
  3. Yellowtail Sashimi
  4. Mixed Seafood Ceviche
  5. Fluke Crudo with Meyer Lemon
  6. Oyster Shooters
  7. Spicy Scallop Tartare in Cucumber Cups
  8. Soy Miso Tuna Sashimi

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