Which Airline Offers Seven Different Vegetarian In-Flight Meals?

The days of dreading being faced with a half-frozen Sloppy Joe on that trans-continental flight are over! Jaunted reported this morning that international airlines offer 18 specialty meal types on average. In serious contention for most impressive menu selection is Turkish Airlines, which features a total of 21 drop-down meal options, including seven different vegetarian meals.

With veggie-focused options ranging from "Vegetarian Raw Meal" to "Asian-Hindu Vegetarian Meal" to "Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal" (we might have had to look that one up, too), the national airline of Turkey ensures that all diner preferences are covered. Members of the airline's Miles&Smiles program can enjoy an exclusive "Celebration Cake" special meal, while non-members can choose from selections including "Diabetic Meal" and "Bland Meal" (yes, really).

So, there you have it. Be sure to keep Turkish Airlines in mind the next time you find yourself traveling in Europe and craving a "Non-vegetarian Hindu Meal Which Does Not Contain Beef."

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