Can You Freeze Wine?

Yes, but not as demonstrated in the photo because if the cork doesn't freeze and fall apart first, the bottle will likely crack and stain your whole freezer pink. And not if you're planning on enjoying its delicate nuances later. Here's a scenario: you're braising, sauce-crafting or in need of something to de-glaze your pan. No wine in sight. But that's okay because you have the answer in the freezer.

Freezing red or white wine in an ice cube tray ensures that you have wine to cook with when the time arises. It also ensures that you won't be all that tempted to drink it instead of cooking with it — it'll taste flat and ...well, kind of like it's been frozen. Drink something else and braise, de-glaze and sauce-craft away with the flavor boost you thought you'd chugged the last of before bed.

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