10 Examples Of Burrata Oozing Out On Stuff

There's nothing like a good dose of food porn to aggressively yet tactfully suggest you step away from the turkey and cheese. I happen to be unable to not order burrata if I see it on a menu, which brought this past weekend's total number of times I consumed the stretchy, buttery cream-filled mozzarella to 3. There aren't even any tomatoes anywhere, and I managed to eat it three times. Cause there are beets. And pizza. And crostini, salads and other means of consuming burrata.

So while I continue to wait patiently for tomatoes to come back like a dog waiting for its master (my tomato-slave analogies get weirder, so let's not), enjoy 10 slides of caption-free lunch stimulation. It's 2013, burrata's not limited to Italian markets anymore. Find some and explode it, runny egg yolk-style, on any of the following.

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