Imagine stepping into a party and seeing hors d’oeuvres attached to balloons hanging in mid-air. You might have to jump, or stand on your toes to get a taste of the action, but for set designer TJ Girard and chef Bob Spiegel, founders of Pinch Food Design, that is precisely the point. The New York-based catering company was born out of the desire to add a performance aspect to the food served at parties. In 2011, the duo joined forces, and launched Pinch Food Design with the goal of creating “food furniture” and servingware that allows for an interactive catering experience. (Scroll down for a slideshow highlighting their work.)

Spiegel and Girard work together to conceptualize each dish and its presentation. Recipes are executed in Spiegel’s kitchen, and the servingware is designed and custom-built by Girard. Their goal is nothing short of changing the catering paradigm — so long, mini-quiches and hummus dips. “If we can do something that pushes the envelope — does not seem too risky, yet is out on the edge with its presentation and robust flavors — then we’ve made an impact that will resonate with clients and their guests, and hopefully impact the catering industry as a whole,” Spiegel explains.

The Pinch team have turned out their game-changing canapés for Museum of Modern Art parties and even teamed up with Albert Adriá to wow the crowd at a launch party for Italian fashion designer Massimo Dutti’s flagship NYC store.

With each of Spiegel’s dishes, he mixes familiar and foreign ingredients to re-interpret classic flavors. His potato spirals are a riff on potato chips, served on skewers attached to a frame, with condiments like kimchi ketchup, taleggio dip, tomatillo salsa, red pepper relish and truffle mayo hanging on top. Guests are encouraged to pick up a skewer, then squeeze the condiments of their choice on top. Check out more of Pinch Food Design’s intriguing creations:

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