Goonies Screen Cap

9 – Fratelli’s Restaurant — The Goonies

“The only thing we serve here is tongue. You boys like tongue?” Corey Feldman’s big mouth almost gets him and his fellow Goonies mutilated in the decrepit beach restaurant owned by the villainous Fratellis. But instead the boys order water: dirty, opaque water. And young Sean Astin’s fated trip down to the bathroom sets the whole story in motion. For underneath this deserted eatery is the first step on the path to One-Eyed-Willy’s treasure. How has this not yet become a theme restaurant? You order some tongue — like in a nice Kosher delicatessen — make a wrong turn by the bathroom, find a deformed giant eating a Baby Ruth for dessert, and next thing you know you’re dodging boobie traps on a pirate ship. Worthy of a 20% tip indeed.

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