2 – Italian Restaurant (or any other Restaurant featured) — Defending Your Life

I am shocked that more people haven’t seen this flick. In fact, its apparent obscurity has forced me to believe that Albert Brooks is the most underappreciated comic mind of all time. So now I’m forced to give you some background. In Defending Your Life, Albert Brooks dies in the first scene. We next find him in Judgment City, a cross between an industrial metropolis and Disneyland. After reviewing your life, the residents in charge of your case decide if you’ve lived a life without fear, worthy to move onto heaven. If not, they send you back to Earth to give it another go. In the meantime, enjoy all the Judgment City has to offer, including the Past Lives Pavilion, where you can see who you were before you were you! Or simply partake in gluttonous delight as words such as “cholesterol” and “calories” have no significance once you’re dead. The service is fast, the portions enormous, and the food is unmistakably the best you’ve ever eaten. Albert Brooks’ Italian dinner date with Meryl Streep includes a balanced menu of pasta, shrimp, broccoli with far too much cheese, and 9 pies for the diners to take home with them. All this and more awaits our taste buds, supposedly.

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