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Unfortunately, you won't get to venture these fictional restaurants.

Try all you want. Search Yelp, Open Table, Zagat…you won’t find them. They exist to serve a story, a scene, an actor. Their intangibility, however, doesn’t make them any less appetizing. In honor of the Oscars this Sunday night, let’s count down our favorite classic fictional movie eateries.

The Criteria:

  1. Be an eatery. Serve food — the loosest of the bullet points as you’ll see.
  2. Be fictional. So don’t exist in the real world.
  3. Be somewhere I’d actually want to go for one reason or another. Sorry, Office Space’s Chotchkie’s, but there is no amount of flair that would lure me into your restaurant. I’ve been to TGI Friday’s, and I’ll pass.