New Recipes This Week: Truffled Scallops, Sake Clams, Farfalle With Cauliflower

I thought we'd keep things romantic but low-key this Valentine's week: don't pour truffle oil all over everything, just layer a few shreds in between scallops in an impressive Le Cirque recipe by Daniel Boulud. Don't just chop up a bunch of raw fish and call it tartare, add a twist nobody will expect. And as far as shellfish is concerned, yesterday was the time to get fancy (and I hope you did).

Regarding this week's pasta recipe, have you ever had farfalle with cauliflower, anchovies OR hard-cooked egg? My point exactly. Trust us on this one — this recipe will become your new go-to "easy yet impressive and slightly exotic" dish. Not that your Cheez-It mac and cheese isn't an impressive and exotic pasta recipe.

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