Design Concept We're Feeling: A Multifunctional Alcohol Distilling Set

In response to the notion that distilling alcohol without a license is illegal in most countries — and yet non-commercial homebrewing is often an allowable way to get around that legality — designer Francesco Morackini created the Prohibition Kit, a copper still set comprising four detachable parts that are just as functional in their own individual uses as they are as a whole.

The set, which the Austrian-based designer also dubbed a "camouflage kit" for its ability to subvert suspicion by being disquised as everyday kitchen tools, includes a watering can, a fondue stove, a cooking pot and a fruit bowl. Stacked together, they make up a beautiful, personal-sized still for your own small-batch spirits, although separately, they can be just as integral in one's DIY-distilling efforts.

As Morackini points out on his website, you can do the following: plant a fruit tree in the pot; feed it with the watering can; then let the fruits of the tree ferment in the bowl before distillating them with the still. Your batches of liquor may be small, but you'd definitely be getting major bang for your buck as far as multifunction goes.

Francesco Morackini's Prohibition Kit, in four parts.[/caption]
The fondue stove.[/caption]
The fruit bowl.[/caption]
The cooking pot.[/caption]
The watering can.[/caption]
Stacked together, the sum of the parts equals a spectacular little home-distiller.[/caption]