Movie Preview: Go See 'A Place At The Table,' Opening March 1st

What's better than a food reform activism movie? Wait, let me try again: yay for food reform activism movies! 2009's hard-hitting, Oscar-nominated documentary Food, Inc., written and directed by Robert Kenner, blazed a wide trail in the genre of food industry documentaries with at least a dozen notable films following suit. The production companies who put together Food, Inc. have a new film, A Place At The Table, premiering March 1. Instead of tackling the corporations making and pushing unhealthy food, Tom Colicchio and Jeff Bridges want you to meet Americans who can't afford to think about it.

The film follows the lives of two young students and a working mother from different parts of the country, all struggling with the cost of nutritious food. Along with insight from everyone from ordinary citizens to nutrition policy leader Dr. Marion Nestle and food policy activists Colicchio and Bridges (spokespeople for Food Policy Action and Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign, respectively), the film seeks to answer the question that's been on our minds for a while: when will the American public decide — as they have in the past — that healthy and affordable food for everyone is a goal we can achieve together?

A Place At The Table opens March 1 in select theaters nationwide, and will be available the same day on iTunes and OnDemand.

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