How Small Is A Small Batch?

When it comes to something as sacred as spirit production (distilling, not voodoo), why would you ever make anything but a giant batch? If less is good, more is better, right? Wrong. If you were a real craft distilling enthusiast you'd know that the reasoning behind small batch production far outweighs the fact that you'll get a smaller yield. And those reasons would be...

  • Batch production is possible for brands that aren't huge corporations. Some might say they care more about the intricacies of your bourbon or rye.
  • Batch products typically enjoy a larger profit margin due to much lower overhang, which is great if you're not a huge corporation.
  • The smaller the batch, the less big of a deal it is if it doesn't sell. But when it comes to small batch distilling, you can rest fairly assured it will sell — or we'd have no material for Craft Beer and Spirits Week.

So, how small is a small batch? It's less about the actual volume and more about the individual people putting their knowledge and passion into a spirit crafted with love for the booze enthusiast in you.

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