20 International Dipping Sauces We Guarantee Will Make Lunch Better

I try to be as thorough as possible when suggesting what to eat for lunch, including any and all condiments or dipping sauces. It occurred to me that I probably have enough material on dipping sauce alone to switch up the game a little and suggest the sauce first and the lunch second. Scroll down this list of 20 sauces from around the world. If any appeal to you, click for your own personalized idea for lunch today.

By the way, I scrutinized this list before publishing — trying to find one of these lunch accoutrements I don't currently have. Sadly, I currently have all of them, which is why I can't fit any of the stuff to dip in them in my 2/3-size studio fridge. It is a JUNGLE in there. All kinds of animals, plants, noises, two pigs' feet destined for a terrine...anyway, the list:

  1. Indian masala ketchup
  2. Tzatziki
  3. Blue cheese dressing
  4. Coriander chutney-yogurt
  5. Ranch dressing
  6. Japanese kewpie mayo
  7. Tomatillo salsa
  8. Marinara
  9. Spicy deli mustard
  10. Olive oil
  11. Lingonberry jam
  12. Rice vinegar
  13. Tahini
  14. Coconut chutney
  15. Malt vinegar
  16. Sriracha mayo
  17. HP Sauce
  18. Greek yogurt
  19. Ponzu
  20. Curry ketchup

Best guessing game ever, right? There are some real wildcards in there.

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