A Whole Bunch Of Variations On Crabby Snacks!

Just as I make the Baltimore crab pretzel part of my everyday life, I discover the crabby snack, or simply "crabby." It's from Philly, as I discovered while watching Silver Linings Playbook, which is Oscar-nominated in every acting category. Truthfully I thought it was just meh, until I looked up what the hell a crabby snack actually was. Now I'm obsessed. Way to use crabmeat, people. Good hustle. Also, maybe no more rom-coms for a while. I knew what I was getting myself into.

The classic crabby snack consists of a mixture of crabmeat, butter, a little mayo and (yikes) jarred processed cheese stuff (nothing named Old English ever tastes very good) spread on an English muffin, broiled until crisp. I'm not going to buy the cheese stuff or the English muffins even though that particular combination does sound pretty appealing. Nope, I'm about to go all random crabby snack generator:

The Crabby Grilled Cheese

Pretty self-explanatory: classic crabby snack ingredients in a grilled cheese atmosphere

The Newer, Better Crabby Grilled Cheese

Follow our instructions for making a newer, better grilled cheese. Crab fits in there somewhere if you really, truly want it to. Higher-quality lump crab recommended.

The Pimento Crab

Our spectacular recipe for pimento cheese with the addition of canned crabmeat broiled on Pullman toast

The Crabby Pretzel

Our spectacular recipe for Baltimore crab pretzels using classic crabby snack ingredients, heavy on the Old Bay spice

The One That Doesn't Use Processed Cheese Stuff

Crabmeat, butter, mayo, lemon zest and goat cheese broiled over sourdough

The Chili Crabby Snack

Crabmeat, cream cheese, mayo, sweet chili sauce and hot chili flakes broiled over sweet, eggy bread

As far as the name itself goes, it's perfect. Why can't we give stuff simpler names? How are the snacks? Crabby. No, they're in a fine mood, but they do have the characteristics something involving a lot of crabmeat might have. What are they for? Snacks. Crabby snacks. How we came up with Toad In the Hole I'll never understand.

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