How To Survive A Blizzard With Half-Assed Effort

Well it's happening out there, Northeasterners, if by devastating blizzard you mean "annoyingly huge amounts of freezing slush flying sideways at you so there's no way to avoid it." But as the snow accumulates, you might as well stock up on a few important things. Cause you haven't yet, and frankly, neither have we.

Everyone lists batteries, flashlights, road salt, really boring stuff as what you want to have on-hand during a blizzard. But we didn't get much further than chips and beer and a few other choice items on the list before we decided we were prepared and that was the end of it. Now, our not totally definitive guide to surviving the weekend Nemo came to town.

Here's what you actually need:

Here's what you probably don't need and should buy more chips and beer instead of:

Long story short: buy beer and provisions, avoid traveling, and you'll be fine.

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