Creepy Valentine's Day Gift: Print Your Face In 3D...Chocolate

Within our lifetimes there will be a machine you simply walk into, enjoy a quick scan and exit to receive a detailed miniature version of yourself in any candy variety you like. I'm thinking marzipan — it'll portray my creamy complexion properly. But until then, there's still a way to give your chocolate self to your loved ones this Valentine's Day. And isn't that what V-Day is really about? Chocolate and you?

Fabcafe in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya neighborhood is offering a 2-day workshop during which participants scan their faces using a 3D scanner, then print molds using a 3D printer. The molds turn out eerie candy likenesses meant to be nestled as a "surprise" in a box of Valentine's chocolates. As in, "Surprise! My filling's brain-flavored!" or "Surprise, my head actually IS full of peanuts!" or "Surprise! I spent our vacation money flying to Tokyo and back to make you this mold of my face we can fill with chocolate over and over again!"

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