Model Jourdan Dunn's Cooking Show Is Not Your Usual Cooking Show

Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn is not your usual stand-and-stir chef's cooking show. It is in that this woman is cooking and standing there, stirring stuff, but it's not in that Jourdan Dunn is (a) a beautiful 23-year-old woman better known for walking runways for Prada than for cranking out cookbooks; and (b) it's as much about cooking as it is about Dunn's thoughts, feelings and famous friends. It's also not on the Food Network or the Cooking Channel, but, like so many other food-centric shows these days, it's on YouTube. Oh, except that it's on the channel for Life+Times, Jay-Z's personally curated website featuring what Jigga's into, which, apparently, includes watching hot girls cook.

With that, we sought you Dunn herself to take our "Women We'd Cook For" survey — yes, astute FR readers, we realize it's been awhile! — and we also include the latest episode of Well Dunn below, where she cooks "fancy tuna and pasta" and cries a lot. In the sexiest of ways.

How'd you learn to cook?

Watching my mom and grandmother as a child. Some of my best memories are around the kitchen table. Laughing, cooking and just enjoying each other's company. That's where I picked up some of my favorite recipes.

How did you get hooked up with Jay-Z's site to do a cooking show?

They called my agent to discuss doing an interview for Life+Times and that spiraled into a bigger opportunity and we collaborated to develop the series. I am extremely proud of how it came out!

You're from London: How do you feel about the food scene there, and what are some of your favorite cities for eating?

London's food scene has something for everyone. Some of my favorite restaurants in London are China Tang and Hakkasan.

A lot of people look at you and think you're so thin—what do you really eat? What do you say to them?

It's hurtful and upsetting because it is something that I have been dealing with since I was a kid. At first I always felt the need to defend myself and prove to everyone that I am healthy but blessed (or cursed) with a very fast metabolism. Now, I've given up on that and realized what really matters is that I know the truth and I know that I am healthy. As I get older, I also realize how important it is to love yourself. I have young female fans and I want to be a positive role model. I often remind them of how important it is to take care of your body and, above all else, love yourself for who you are and for what you have. All the recipes I cook in Well Dunn by Jourdan Dunn are things I cook for myself weekly.

Ok, guys cooking for you: Is it a turn-on?

A guy that can cook is extremely sexy! I would love for someone to cook a meal for me...but it hasn't happened yet! Still waiting.

Wow. Guys, get to it. What would you have a guy make you?

I would love for someone to make me English breakfast in bed.

What are the sexiest foods?

Chocolate, obviously.

What do you like the atmosphere to be like when you cook? Do you listen to music, drink wine? Anything else?

I need music when I am cooking and of course, a nice glass of rosé. Then I have the mood set for the perfect dining experience.

Watch a brand-new episode of Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn:

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