Spice Up Your Super Bowl Beers With This Michelada Recipe

Super Bowl Sunday is not a cocktail occasion. Ok, so what do you write as an Englishman for your cocktail column for Super Bowl week? After all, there is already a Super Bowl cocktail known to everyone in America – It's called BEER!

I have asked around, though, and it appears that Super Bowl is a day of tradition, and beer and chicken wings seem to be the order of the day. [Related: Watch a quick video of how to eat chicken wings.] I am a little bit of a traditionalist and believe in doing things properly and well and so my best suggestion for everyone is buy good beer and high quality food. My only other suggestion is a drink that goes extremely well with beer and chicken wings: the Michelada.

The Michelada is a simple mix of beer and hot spices that will pair perfectly with spicy chicken wings. Probably the easiest way to describe it is as a hybrid of the Bloody Mary and beer (two of your favorite drinks rolled into one). I would encourage everyone to try and create their own signature Michelada recipe, but here is a good mix to start with....

Michelada Recipe

Recipe good for about 10-12 beers

1 oz soy sauce

1 oz Tabasco (or other hot sauce)

1 oz Worcestershire sauce

8 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice

Season with celery salt and black pepper

Mix these ingredients together and you have made the base for your Michelada.

Now take a tall chilled beer glass, coat the rim with salt and add a couple of spoons of your spice mix to the glass and top with a cold beer and garnish with a lime wedge. I recommend edging towards using slightly darker beers. I like mine with Negra Modelo.

Tip: If you have any left on Monday, just like the Bloody Mary, the Michelada makes a great hair of the dog hangover cure.

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