SodaStream Beat: No Super Bowl Ad, But Carbonators Still Have The Last Blast

While I was looking for art for this story, the following banner displayed in my browser: " — Watch The Ad They Wouldn't Let You See On Game Day." So clearly, the fact that CBS turned down the home water carbonator giant's ad attacking Coke and Pepsi is a big deal. It's right their on SodaStream's homepage, can't miss it. It's also right here:

Challenging the integrity of Big Soda on the most important soda-drinking day of the year may seem like enough to get SodaStream banned from airing their ad (which we're sure cost more than a few liters of cash) on the big day. But the fact that the video is circulating at breakneck speed likely means SodaStream doesn't really care whether or not the spot was yanked. Evangelistic born-again carbonated beverage lovers are springing up like weeds across the globe. We've been devotees for years.

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