The Lazy Man's Guide To Super Bowl Eats

Wanting those amazing deep-fried Coke nuggets won't make them magically appear on your coffee table, man. Those take work. Work you're apparently not willing to put in if you're clicking on the Lazy Man's Guide To Super Bowl Eats. Scratch that, if you were REALLY lazy you'd be piling all this stuff in a shopping cart and running it to the register to get back home as soon as possible. But if you're okay with committing to just a little kitchen time, we've got a few ideas for you.

If it's too cold and/or taxing to go outside and fire up the grill: Make Burgers In A Cast-Iron Skillet

If a taco bar sounds like far too much work: How To Make Nachos

"Ugh, all these crazy wing recipes, and I just wanna know how to make: Basic Buffalo Wings"

"I don't really wanna have to get up off the couch too much:" Slow-Cooker Chili

"It's Southern food, y'all." Pimento Cheese

Want to make something to go with those store-bought chips? Salsa Verde Cruda

The ultimate I didn't show up empty handed gesture: Classic Deviled Eggs

Two great tastes that, suprisingly, go great together: Avocado and Chorizo Toast

Because you can: Cheez-It Mac and Cheese

and of course, the easiest of them all, Beer Can Chicken

Now if you decide you're ready for something a little more ambitious...ever heard of a snack stadium?

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