Bangkok: 9 Things To Eat At Chatuchak Market

There are worse places to have a 10-hour layover than Bangkok. It's plenty of time to hop on the subway and head into the city for a few precious hours. I recently did just that, opting to spend a frenetic afternoon at the largest market in Thailand and one of the biggest on earth: the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

It's just north of the city center, practically spilling into pleasant Chatuchak Park. Thronged with tourists and locals from morning until close, it's a sweaty, heaving mess of some 8,000 stalls peddling everything from housewares to clothes to puppies to, of course, Bangkok's infamous street food. With so much to choose from, what to eat? Answer: as much as possible. I paced myself and navigated the sea of some 200,000 other folks searching out hot eats and good deals. This was, after all, my last meal before a long flight stocked with nothing but plane food. Here's the day, in food porn:

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