Our 14 Favorite Nachos, Chips And Dip Recipes For The Big Game

Stretching before strenuous activity, like football, is very important. There are roughly 50 muscles utilized in grabbing a chip and dunking it in dip and bringing it to your mouth, then another 12 muscles to consume said dipped chip. Accounting for more dips than usual this weekend, yeah, you might want to stretch a little.

That's what Practice Round is for. It's our way of making sure you're completely prepared for the food-centric day ahead, whether it's Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day (ugh, don't start) or the Mother's Day brunch spread that reminds Ma you're still her darling little schmoopie. So knock out a few practices rounds of onion dip, fry up a few batches of potato chips (hint: now is the time to break out the mandoline/V-slicer) and get real friendly-like with blue cheese. Here are our 14 favorite recipes for dips and the chips you love to exercise muscles dipping.