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If you were stranded on a desert island with a flat-screen inexplicably airing the Super Bowl and any food in the world, what would it be? Wait, don’t answer, we already know. It’s mini sun-dried tomato quiche. Ha, messing with you. We know it’s wings, and we regard the peak of wing season with the utmost respect, as demonstrated by these 14 spectacular wing recipes for tailgating.

We do them spicy, extra-spicy and “why did we go all trigger happy with the ghost chili sauce” spicy. We brine them, grill them, stuff them, smoke them, wrap them in the stuff we were going to stuff them with and yes, occasionally we’ll deep-fry them and toss them in Frank’s with a little butter and some cayenne. Point being, there is no shortage of the flightless appendage of the hen. Also known as the chicken wing.

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