Here's How To Watch Team USA Compete In The Bocuse D'Or Today

We're all about food competitions, particularly the Bocuse D'Or. In fact, we've been actively following the French international cooking championships for quite a while. There's the unwavering direction of head coach, Café Boulud executive Gavin Kaysen. Paired with The Greenbrier executive chef Richard Rosendale, his young, scrappy and wildly talented commis (chef-in-training) Corey Siegel and of course, Team USA's secret weapon (courtesy of top-secret weapons-engineers All-Clad), this may just be the year we bring home the gold medal. Plus, we're live-Instagramming it from Lyon! Speaking of Lyon, the competition at the Pastry World Cup yesterday resulted in a big win for Team France, led by chef pâtissier Quentin Bailly. Who would have thought?

Tune in to the Bocuse live stream this morning at 10 a.m. and make yourself a fancy snack or two, because the next 7 hours of slicing, dicing and demi-glacing will rival a certain upcoming sporting event, intensity-wise. Also, the Bocuse D'Or has better food, no matter how much you love buffalo wings. We're talking beef filet, turbot, European blue lobster — really good stuff. We'll be watching, no doubt about it. Hit us up at @foodrepublic if you want to talk offside spatulas or illegal MSG doping. But we have to say, this is typically one clean competition. How refreshing.

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