The 12 Best Photo Applications For Smartphones

Regardless of the alarmingly high number of kale salad, eggs benedict and mapo tofu shots appearing on your Instagram account, the sad fact remains that you are (more than likely) not a professional food photographer. We recently spoke with a real professional food photographer, who explained some of the intricacies behind her work. Guys, it's not as easy as it looks. Of course, we're not out to discourage you from taking photos of your dinner and instantly posting them to social networks. We love a solid set of food porn as much as anyone. That's why we've rounded up our 12 favorite photo apps for your smartphone — to help you capture, edit and share that steaming bowl of ramen you will most certainly want to take a photo of this weekend.

1. LensLight ($1)

Functioning as a portable light studio, LensLight allows users to accentuate photos with various effects including bokeh, light leaks and spotlights. Each effect is easily customizable and it is possible to create multiple layers of effects.

2. Camera+ ($1)

A one-stop shop designed for seasoned and first time photographers alike, Camera+ provides filters, editing tools, touch exposure and stabilizers. Standout effects include the ability to set exposures separately from focus and using the phone's flash as a continuous fill light to improve photo quality — ideal for dark restaurants.

3. PhotoSync ($2)

PhotoSync wirelessly transfers photos from mobile devices to desktops, social networks and even online Dropbox. There are no limitations on the number of photos moved and the app keeps track of which ones have already been transferred.

4. TouchRetouch ($1)

This app has a single function, allowing the deletion of objects from an image. Remarkably simple and effective, it is ideal for removing unsightly spots (from an arrant flash) and objects, as well as erasing shadows. iTunes store

5. Snapseed ($5)

A former Apple App of the Year Winner developed by the leader in digital photography software, Snapseed has a variety of advanced filters, edit tools and selective adjust tools. Users can enhance, transform and share their photos.

6. Grid Lens ($1)

Grid Lens allows for you to take a collections of photos and "stitch" them together into a single image. Grid lines are easily customizable and it is simple to create collages of pictures.

7. Over ($2)

Over lets users add text to photos. There are over 200 fonts available, and captions can easily be resized, aligned, positioned or tinted within images.

8. Photo 365 ($2)

This app helps chronicle lives by arranging photos based on the day they are taken. Featuring a month view, which places images in a calendar format, it is easy to share composites with friends.

9. Vapp (Free)

Vapp triggers mobile device cameras with any sound, making self-takes simpler than ever and cutting out camera shake. iTunes store

10. Pixable (Free)

Acting as a photo inbox, the app finds the top photos and videos shared by friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Users are also able to search, browse, edit and access photos connected to them in one location.

11. Pro HDR ($2)

Pro HDR automatically creates full-resolution HDR images with a single tap. Users can take three or more photos individually by tapping on light and dark areas. The app can also easily merge pictures.

12. MonoPhix ($1)

This is the ultimate vintage black and white photography app. It allows control over the intensity of dark and light tones in images, ensuring ultimate contrast variations.

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