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Get cracking or toss 'em?

One can only wonder how many innocent dozens of eggs have been disposed of prematurely. The truth is, bad eggs don’t really exist anymore — thanks to modern food safety technology, they’ve gone the way of the dodo…egg. The question is: how long before these immortal ovi (look it up) are truly inedible? What do the expiration dates on egg cartons really mean? 

Generally speaking, that is pertaining to supermarket eggs, the date on the carton is the sell-by date, not the expiration date. Eggs can legally be sold up to a month after the sell-by date, after which they are indeed illegal but still very much edible for another two weeks or so, longer if they’re hard-boiled and kept in the shell. If you can’t finish a dozen eggs in six weeks, you might want to start buying half-dozens and might not want to start a homesteading chicken coop, cause those things will keep laying whether you’re eating the eggs or not.

As for the “bad eggs float in water” trick, it’s pretty much moot. All eggs are porous and as air enters and they begin their relatively long process of aging, they tend to float. Go by the date (generously) and not on the intricacies of “egg-reading,” or you might end up with one of these. Then move onto these 5 exotic egg dishes.

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