New York City: Who Loves Paletas? Save La New Yorkina, Kickstarter-Style.

It may feel like an ice pop outside right now, but keep in mind that a summer of love is right around the corner and we have a rare opportunity to pump up our karma in advance. La Newyorkina, urban slinger of phenomenal Mexican paletas (tropical-hued popsicles in flavors you know you want) needs a boost to recover from Hurricane Sandy before the temperature spikes.

Help them help us — owner Fany Gerson's popsicle-making operation in Red Hook, Brooklyn was destroyed in the storm. Specifically, the most baller popsicle machine you've ever seen: The Paletera 5000. It's really just called the Paletera, we added the 5000 because it might as well be. And La Newyorkina needs our help in funding their new one. Donate today, and this summer's caramelized goat milk or pineapple-jalapeño popsicles will be more refreshing than you could have ever imagined. Check out the video below: