Chill Your Whiskey, Raise Money To Cure Cancer, With 'Balls Of Steel'

Ingenious invention Balls of Steel cool your drink faster than ice, and without any dilution. Simply place the balls in the freezer and, once cooled, remove them with the Balls of Steel tongs (provided in the kit). Wait, it gets better. Place them in your drink!

To activate the balls, roll them back and forth a few times. Seconds later, your drink will reach optimal temperature for whisky, which is around 50 degrees fahrenheit. A percentage of all net profit goes towards testicular cancer research. Supporting a good cause is always great, but doing so while sipping on fine whiskey is even better. Cheers to that!

Each kit comes with a pair of balls and tongs. Yikes![/caption]
The steel balls cool your drink within seconds. Chilly in there![/caption]
You don't have to worry about your favorite whisky getting diluted. Downside: there are balls in your whiskey.[/caption]

Buy Balls Of Steel, $19.99 per pair (of balls).