Bob's Burger Of The Day Tumblr Makes Us Want To Spend $5.95

This is one of my favorite Bob's Burgers specials. I stay awake wondering: if not chives, then what?

I get really into the Bob's Burgers specials. I even tried to make up my own once: The Good, The Bad and the Chutney. But the nice folks in the writer's room (who penned this awesome list of their top 10 burger specials for Food Republic) put me to shame. It looks like I'm not the only one collecting puns — one fan snapped up this delightful low-hanging fruit and tossed it up on Tumblr as any self-respecting animated comedy fan would do.

We're going to have to up our Comedy Week game next year. Hmm...I wonder if the Bob's Burgers writers are looking for young'uns/slaves...

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