Eat A Better Lunch, Reinvent The Meaning Of Productivity

I was recently discussing the merits of healthy lunching with a few of my colleagues. Contributing Editor Matt Rodbard literally almost never cheats on the vegan salad thing. It's very admirable, and honestly, not that huge an effort to make towards staying healthy. You just point to things not made from animals at the salad place, then feel much better about the gusto with which you eat dinner. Senior Marketing Manager Eva Karagiorgas brings home-cooked vegetarian... stuff (I have no idea what it is but it smells awesome).

Why were we discussing this? It started with describing my favorite okra dish to Eva one lunchtime over the summer. Apparently the notion of "a bottle brush shot through a t-shirt cannon" was very appealing, so I provided the recipe. Click that link above: it's an awesome super-easy recipe that will make your colon sing, not croak. Once you've experienced these effects, you should be instantly addicted. Why am I heading in this direction during lunch, a sacred time that requires none of "that?" Partially to irritate my dad's famously weak nerves when it comes to "that," but mostly because I can no longer claim that a healthy lunch full of fruit, vegetables and fiber is lame. It used to be, when my mom packed me raw vegetables and thermoses of homemade soup and all I wanted was a pack of Dunkaroos.

So it comes down to "that." Nah, screw the quotes. It's That. It's a very important That and if That doesn't happen at some point, you're just not going to finish out the day as effectively as you could. You heard it from certified homeopath board-certified and all other sorts of Doctor Jess Kapadia. Process your lunch effectively and that bone-crushing 4 to 6 p.m. chunk of your day is suddenly comfortably productive, no spiked coffee necessary. Oh hey, I just gave away my secret.

That all said, try any of these options for a more "mobile" lunch experience, otherwise known as "you-on-the-go."

...and have I mentioned my famous 20-minute okra curry? Okay, because here it is again!

If thou dost protest, I request that you don't shoot a bottle brush through a t-shirt cannon at me because I never actually tested the velocity of something like that when I made up the comparison, and I bruise easily. Thanks.

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