We Give Ourselves Slight Credit For The Ravens Making It To The Super Bowl

On January 3rd, two days before the start of the NFL playoffs, we published a recipe for Baltimore crab pretzel sticks, which we researched and tested after a long investigation on the topic. You want to hit Bill Bateman's Bistro in Towson, Maryland for the real deal. Or, if you live far away from the Mid-Atlantic, you will want to follow the recipe.

You may have noticed that soon after we published this recipe, the Baltimore Ravens went H.A.M. on the American Football Conference. First, against the Indianapolis Colts, then against the Denver Broncos (with a little help from a higher being) and then, finally, last night with a complete owning of the New England Patriots (in the second half at least, and we all know which half is most important in football).

So here we sit on this Monday. The Baltimore Ravens are in the Super Bowl. The underdog Baltimore Ravens. We just have to say that publishing that recipe at the start of the playoffs might have just been the best thing to happen to the Ravens. Well, since this at least. So who is going to make a batch on Feb. 3?

Recipe: Baltimore Crab Pretzel Sticks