Video: Director Robert Rodriguez On How To Make Breakfast Tacos From Scratch

Over the weekend I was reading Jonathan Gold's latest Counter Intelligence column, a fairly positive take on Josef Centeno's (Bäco Mercat) newly opened Tex-Mex tribute, Bar Amá. I was particularly interested in Gold's statement in the lede. "My favorite cooking video ever is the clip of Texas director Robert Rodriguez making his breakfast tacos," he writes. Sure, I believe this guy spends more time driving around in his pickup than pouring through newly fired YouTube food verticals. But for Gold to call out his favorite clip of all time made me take a break from his puffy taco analysis to find it. It arrives, presumably, from the Sin City DVD extras and, like the critic promises, it's food TV gold — a slightly stylized, very useful, blow-by-blow on how to make the freshest breakfast tacos this side of Juan In A Million. But they aren't really for breakfast. More a late-night meal — when it's too early for breakfast, and too late for a big meal. Been there, most certainly been there.

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