10 Kitchen Accessories Gone Creepily Anatomic

Disturbing as it seems to pour milk from a nipple-covered pitcher, think about where milk actually comes from. Or the most basic tools for grinding meat: one's teeth. In her Sentient Kitchen series, artist Christine Chin explores the relationship between human biology and modern-day technology and design — through a collection of 10 dining tools that each borrow anatomical references from the human realm.

Thought-provoking, grossly realistic and more than a little cringe-worthy, the models (which Chin exhibited as photographs) include a set of toothed cooking and serving tongs and a literal "eye-lid" that keeps close watch over the sugar pot's contents. Showcasing a quirky sense of humor, Chin also presents us with a cheese shaker balanced on human-like toes, both for portability and, as she writes in her notes, to maintain and enhance that characteristic stinky "cheese flavor." Scroll down to see images and their titles.